5 Unique Dog Food Storage Ideas To Try

Dog Food Storage Ideas

Have you been confused as to how to store your dog food? Food for your pets comes in those big bulky bags. And taking out food from them every single day can be troublesome, to say the least.

Plus, these bags take up more space than you would like for them too. That is why we bring to you some unique and creative ways you can store food for your furry friends. Read ahead to find out more! 

What is the Best Material to Store Dog Food in? 

When you take your dog food out of the bag to store them in a container, the number one thing to keep in mind is that the food stays dry. You should also make sure that they are not exposed to the air for long.

If you choose plastic material, then make sure that the container can be sealed air-tight. Also, make sure to check that the plastic used to make the container is free of BPA as it can be harmful to your pet. 

If you want to use metal instead, then opt for one that does not have a base metal body. Containers with a base metal body are more prone to rust and corrosion.

They will degrade with time and might leak into your food when moisture is involved. You should use containers that are made from stainless steel and or lead-free carbon steel. 

5 Dog Food Storage Ideas

1. Mason Jars and Glass Containers 

If you are looking for a cheap way to store your dog food, then using any glass containers or mason jars is a great option. You can easily find them at any local store at an affordable price. Being made of glass, you can see through them to find the food quickly.

They are a clean and modern addition to your house. Plus, there is no need for you to fear the food getting spoilt. Mason jars and glass containers have lids that can be sealed tightly to prevent air from getting in. And no need to worry about harmful chemicals either. 

You can paint or add fun and colorful stickers to them as well. If you have multiple dogs then you can label each jar with their names. Or have different labeled jars for treats and food to avoid any confusion. 

2. Storage and Feeding Box 

This storage idea is a clever way to utilize space. You can get a storage box with a hinged lid that features feeding bowls for your dogs. The supplied can be kept in the box and will give you easy and immediate access to them for them it is feeding time. Being a somewhat popular method, you can find several brands providing containers like these in the market.

However, if you want to save some money, then this could be a fun DIY project. All you need is a hinged box, feeding bowls, and some tools! Again you can customize the box by painting them, adding stickers, even a chalkboard. 

3. Wicker Storage Baskets 

This storage idea is for those who have a boho theme for their homes. Although it is important to remember that wicker boxes have holes in them that will allow air to get in.

As such, you will be required to either keep the dog food in the bag to prevent it from getting stale or invest in another box that will fit inside the wicker basket. But we assure you that using wicker baskets or boxes will compliment your aesthetic for sure!

4. Food Dispenser 

Food dispensers are an effective way to store food without having to get your hands dirty. Plus, if you have kids they can help out too! You just need to dump all the dog food into the dispenser and fill up the bowl when it’s time to feed.

If you are feeling fancy and willing to spend a little more money, then there are automatic dog food dispensers that you can find in the market. Set a time on the machine, and it will automatically pour food into the feeding bowl. That’s one responsibility off your back. 

5. Cans and Tins 

Another economical storage idea, you can upcycle tins and cans to store your dog food. Tins made of metal will effectively keep air out and are sturdy and durable. You can slather on some paint or glue on color paper to customize them.

You can pick out cans in different size, or with different lids according to your preference. Add in a scoop at the end and you are good to go. 


Now that you have an idea about storing dog food, we hope you don’t have to trip and curse those huge kibble bags.

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